If you follow this blog, you would have already noticed that there are lots of activities organized in Santa Cruz. Worldwide known parties such as the Tenerife Noir Festival are not enough, and neither are others such as Tenerife Noir Festival. This month, we have the Festivities of May 2017.


Festivities of May 2017: a month filled
with activities in the capital of Tenerife


festivities of may 2017 santa cruz of tenerifeWhy does this celebration exists? Festivities of May 2017, as it has happened years before, are dedicated to the celebration of the foundation of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Everything started on May the 3rd 1494, the day when the city was founded. Alonso Fernández de Lugo was in charge of this action. He carried the Foundational Holy Cross during the first catholic mass that was celebrated in these lands.

So, this cross made of Galician pine tree, which is a relic, is well preserved at the Conception Church of the capital of Tenerife, and also gives it its name: Santa Cruz (which means “Holy Cross”).

Festivities of May are, thus, the birthday of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is 523 years old. Our capital deserve a special celebration. Because of that, there will be lots of activities in its streets for a month, which will be both traditional and modern.

A poster between the past and the present


festivities of may 2017 santa cruz of tenerifeThis year, the poster for the festivities has been designed by the artist Álvaro Armas, which, of course, lives in Santa Cruz. In his art piece, he wanted to recreate one of the traditional banana plantations, which, at the beginning of the 20th Century, were one of the elements that composed the city landscape.

Curiously, the two people that appear in the poster are the Queens of the Festivities of May 2016, who, of course, wear the traditional clothes of that time.

Officially, Festivities of May 2017 began past Wednesday, the 26th of April. As it is usual in this kind of events, it began with the reading of the street cry. This act took place at 20:30 in the Fountain of the Swans, in García Sanabria Park. After this, two musical performances: on one hand, the flautist Tania Fernandez and the guitarrist Tomás fariña; on the other hand, the group Añaza Gospel Kids.


Huge celebrations from the very first day
in the Festivities of May 2017


The first celebrations came during the very first days: during this weekend, the election of the Queen of the Festivities took place between the 28th and the 29th of April in Candelaria Square. As it is usual, the first day was the day when the adult Queen was elected, while the Child Queen was elected during the second one.

festivities of may 2017 santa cruz of tenerife

During these two days, a few musical performances took place, as well. During the Election of the Adult Queen, the singer Tamara performed her new songs, while during the Election of the Child Queen did so the singer Blas Cantó -known for having been one of the singers of the musical band Auryn-.


As it is usual, there will be an exposition
of flowers, plants and art crafts


The next activity of the calendar lasts 8 days, from the 30th of April to the 7th of May. It is the traditional exposition of flowers, plants and art crafts, which has been developed for many years in García Sanabria Park -which is the most important park of Santa Cruz-. During these 8 days, there will be 20 stands of flowers, 40 stands for the selling of art crafts and even stands for the selling of confectionery. To add, there will also be some musical performances and child workshops and bouncy castles.

festivities of may 2017 santa cruz of tenerife

One of the most important days of this festivities will be on the 2nd of May. Again at Candelaria Square, the floral tribute to the Virgin of Candelaria will take place. It is specially important, for she is the patron of the Canary Islands. The cited act will be developed next to the monument dedicated to this virgin. After this, a folk dancing will take place. It is called “baile de Magos”, and the participants wear traditional clothes.

In this act, it is specially remarkable the so called “Baile de Taifa”, which is an ancient dance in which people dance and sing. It is also known as “Baile de Candil”. After this event, from 21:00 to 23:00 the TV program “Noche de Taifas” will be broadcasted.


Festivities of May 2017 combine
tradition with modernity


As it has already been mentioned, Festivities of May 2017 combine traditional acts, such as the ones exposed before, with others ones, which are modern. To this second group belong acts such as the International Contest of University music bands, called “Ciudad de Santa Cruz de Tenerife”. It will take place on the 6th of May.

festivities of may 2017 santa cruz of tenerife

The last important day might be the most relevant of all, for two big events concur. This day is the 30th of May. It is the most important day for the archipelago, because it is the Day of the Canary Islands, and this is the day when the event called “The Day of Traditions” will take place. So, it will be a very intense day for everybody. You will be able to practice regional sports, kids will be able to enjoy child activities and there will also be a wine and food fair and even a traditional food contest. At 18:30, a huge concert of traditional music will take place, in which folkloric bands such as Los Sabandeños and Chirato will play.


Music will be always present
during this festivities


festivities of may 2017 santa cruz of tenerifeDuring this month, a series of musical festivals will be developed, for in the Canary Islands traditional music is one of the main signs of identity of our culture.

These are the typical festivals called Tajaraste, Son 21 and Jóvenes Cantadores (“Young Singers”), but this year we also add the concerts of the folkloric band Verode -which celebrates its 40th birthday in 2017- and of the Vocal Siete group. As it is usual, every one of these gigs will take place in Candelaria Square.

The Festivities of May 2017 will be an authentic celebration of the canary culture. If you wish to discover our culture and traditions, and specially what makes Santa Cruz de Tenerife a unique city, in StarExcursions we encourage you to visit the capital of our island during the month of May. Culture and fun are assured!

All the photographs has been kindly shared by the press deparment of the Organismo Autónomo de Fiestas of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.