¡Decide your own itinerary!

StarExcursions is a company of excursions. Who are we? A firm composed of a group of tourist guides who are adequately accredited as such by The Tourism Office of the Canary Government. Our goal consists of giving the best service to every person who wants to visit Tenerife. This is why we offer a personalized attention, in which we give concrete, updated, verified information. The excursion is adapted to your needs, in order to achieve the goal of making your experience incomparable.

Empresa de excursiones tinerfeña: una vista del Teide

We offer a series of pre-established itineraries, for the experience shows that these routes are the ones which normally interest the tourists who visit the island. Nevertheless, it is completely up to you to follow them or to design your own. In fact, you can change it on the go! We want you to enjoy this visit the way you wish, so this is our personal goal.

And, to achieve this goal, we have modern, comfortable vehicles, with different capacities and the required licences. If the dynamic of this excursion company has attracted your attention and wish to contact us, click here to obtain more information.