April the wine month 2017 is an annual activity that takes place in the northern municipality of Tegueste, in Tenerife. It has been celebrated for 10 years, so it has become quite an important event in the island. Because of that, in StarExcursions we want to give it some visibility, for there are excellent types of wine in Tenerife, as you can see in this excursion we offer, Tenerife Wine, whose main attraction is Tegueste, as well.

For a whole month, you will be able to enjoy a series of activities which are based on wine and food tasting. This will occur in different points of the municipality, thanks to an initiative called “wine and food route”. It consists of a tour through many number of bars and restaurants from Tegueste, in which you will be able to taste a lot of different wine varieties. Do not miss the chance to discover a whole new world in April the Wine Month 2017!

April, the Wine Month 2017:
30 days of tasting!


It all began on March the 13th, the day when this initiative was presented in public. In its 10th edition, the event has the support of both Public Institutions and neighbors of the municipality, so April the Wine Month 2017 has become one of the gastronomic references of the island.

april the wine month 2017

Since the very first day, there has been interesting activities. On Saturday the 1st of April, a guided tour took place in Tegueste. It was called “a trip through popular culture of Tegueste” and was 4 hours long. Visitors were able to discover the most important parts of the municipality, such as the historic centre, and also the traditional activities.


April, The Wine Month 2017 pays
tribute to popular culture

So April The Wine Month 2017 is not only a wine tasting, but a celebration of the popular culture of Tegueste, too. There will be a show of masculine and feminine traditional clothing, craft workshops and some other tours to discover the traditional works of the municipality. So, after all, April, The Wine Month is a celebration of what it means to live in Tegueste.

april the wine month 2017

But we must bear in mind that this event is called April The Wine Month 2017 for a reason. Of course, there will be also a lot of different activities regarding the wine world, both based on tasting and learning about this beverage.

To begin with all these activities, we have “the wine and food route” that we already talked about, which began on April the 1st and will be available during the whole month. The idea is to support the commercial activity of these bars and restaurants, but also to support the many wine varieties that we have in our island, many of which have an excellent reputation. It is a mix of tourism, economy and culture which you should not miss.


Many different activities regarding this beverage
during April the Wine Month 2017


The same day took place “Wine yard of Tegueste”, in the local market of the municipality. On April the 7th another guided tour was developed: “Wine, food and carts”. One of the most interesting aspects of this event is the celebration of a pair of wine tasting workshops, which are geared towards young people. These will take place on the 20th and 21st of April in Casa Los Zamorano.

april the wine month 2017

One of the key-events of April, The Wine Month 2017 is the “Festival of the Senses Tacoronte Acentejo in Tegueste”. As you might guess, it consists of a food and wine tasting, in which you will be able to discover local gastronomy. This will be developed during the 28th of April in Prebendado Pacheco Street, from 19:00 to 23:00. On Saturday, the 29th of April, wine and music join forces in Wine&Rock Gig “Escaldón de Gofios”, which will start at 12:00. It will be celebrated in the local market itself and the tickets are free.


April The Wine Month 2017 finishes with the
biggest event: The Pilgrimage of Tegueste


As you have seen, there are lots of different activities that will be developed in Tegueste during April The Wine Month 2017. But the biggest event of all is the one that will take place during the last day: The Pilgrimage of Tegueste, which is one of the most popular parties of Tenerife.

The Pilgrimage of Tegueste will start at 13:00 and will last until very late. We have to point out that there are a few more activities after the Pilgrimage of Tegueste, but everybody in the island feels that the festivity ends with the pilgrimage.

april the wine month 2017

After this tour through tradition and gastronomy of Tegueste, would you like to join? In StarExcursions we encourage you to try new things, and April The Wine Month 2017 is an excellent opportunity to do so! Experience the old traditions and taste the best varieties of wine we have in Tenerife. If you love this beverage, you should not miss this chance!


The images have been kindly shared by the press department of the City Hall of Tegueste.