A series of symposiums to talk about sustainable tourism, nature conservation and cultural heritage


Everybody knows that the Canary Islands are a unique land. Full of nuances and peculiarities, our archipelago is much more than just sun and beach. The natural wealth and the value of their landscapes make the islands an object of enjoyment, but also of study, through their countless patrimonial and cultural values.

The Canary Islands are a top touristic destiny, and it is strange to find somebody who has not heard about them. Generally, it is due to our enviable climate, with soft temperatures and a lot of daily hours of sun during the whole year.

Behind this enormous cover letter, however, hides a whole universe yet to be discovered. A countless list of aspects to explore, from the first men who lived here to the volcanic origin of the islands, as well as topical subjects such as the sustainability analysis of the touristic model or the preservation of the cultural heritage that the Canary Islands treasure.


Dialogues with… is born as an answer to the present challenges


These are the motifs that have created Dialogues with…: a series of debates about territory, nature and heritage in the Canary Islands. A group of lectures and panel discussions with expert from the different branches of knowledge that will be exposed. This event has been organized by the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), or, in English, National University of Remotely Education. Concretely, it has been developed by the Associated Center of Tenerife, which offers one of its rooms: The Comarcal Room of Granadilla de Abona, placed in the South of the island. An event StarExcursions could not miss.

The event has received the help from the Education Department of the Canary Government, whose leader is Yanira González. For the adequate development of the acts, the presence of José Juan Cano Delgado, Geography Ph. D. and coordinator of the cited room, will be indispensable.

In order to explain the existence of Dialogues with…, the coordinators have argued that:

“The Canary Islands, as an archipelago, possess a natural and landscape richness which give them a strong patrimonial and cultural value. This is one of the reasons why this touristic destination is one of the most important in the world. This geographic reality requires forums and places to gather in order to debate topics that approach different points of view of this reality, both present and future, of our territory.”


It is, therefore, an event which will approach current topics, and to achieve this goal the act will have the presence of professionals of every field involved, such as territory, nature and heritage of the Canary Islands. Diálogos con… has the objective of relating ideas and arguments of experts, technicians, businessmen, local people and the university community, with the firm idea that it is through talking how the most important topics should be confronted.


ciclo de coloquios diálogos con Dialogues With

The objectives of Dialogues with… are informing and educate the population


The goals of this series of debates are raising awareness among the population, stimulating their critic vision towards reality and topical subjects, and all of this is generated through the creation of a debate around different issues, from territory administration to the defense of natural environments or heritage preservation.

The methodology that will be developed in Dialogues with… is the following one: by the organizing of a series of round tables, different topics, which are really relevant nowadays, will be developed. Every issue will be approached from many different sides, thanks to the presence of specialists of a varied range of sectors. It will allow the public to obtain a deep and global vision of complex themes, will be analyzed from different areas of knowledge.

The course Dialogues with… will star on the next Friday, the 2nd of March, and will last until the 18th of May, the day when the last of the 4 debates will take place. In every case, the events will start at 18:00 and will last until 19:30.


activities programme:

Friday, the 2nd of March
18:00-19:30 – “The new Canary Law of Land: challenges and perspectives”

-Wolfredo Wildpret de la Torre: Canary Award of investigation 2011.
-José Julián Gutiérrez Jiménez: Lawyer. Coordinator professor of the Urban Law Masters degree of the University of La Laguna.
-José Juan Cano Delgado: Ph.D. in Geography. Coordinator of the UNED Associated centre in Granadilla.


Friday, the 6th of April
18:00-19:30 – “Tourism in the Canary Islands: quantity, quality and sustainability”

-Bruno Correa: Counselor of Paradise Park Hotel.
-José Antonio Páris Fraga: Tour guide. President of the Canary Association of Tour Guides Starlight.
-José Juan Cano Delgado: Ph.D. in Geography. Coordinator of the UNED Associated centre in Granadilla.


Friday, the 27th of April
18:00-19:30 – “Risks of disasters and resilient cities in the Canary Islands”

-Jaime Díaz Pacheco: Chair in risks of disasters and resilient cities in the University of La Laguna.
-Abel López Díez: Chair in risks of disasters and resilient cities in the University of La Laguna.
-Felipe Monzón Peñate: Ph.D. and coordinator of the UNESCO FORUM of the University of La Laguna.


Friday, the 18th of May
18:30-19:30 – “Management and conservation of the Canary heritage”

-Miguel Ángel Fernández Matrán: Director of the CIPOC Foundation, collaborator with the SOSTURMAC Project.
-Claudio J. Moreno Medina: Ph. D. professor in the Geography Department of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
-Carlos Velázquez García: retired Tour guide and interpreter of the Teide National Park.