Carnival of Tenerife 2017 has just left, and now we have another big celebration in our island! Nevertheless, we must say that these two festivities are completely different from each other. Easter has nothing to do with Carnival: the first one is quiet and religious; the second one is a pagan party, full of joy and noise. This year, Easter in Tenerife 2017 will take place between Sunday the 9th -Palm Sunday- and Sunday the 16th -Easter Sunday- of April. This celebration does not go unnoticed in our island, so everything is ready for Easter in Tenerife 2017!


There are just a few days left to enjoy the big
festivities that Easter in Tenerife 2017 has!


As you sure know, it is a religious festivity, related to Christianity. However, if you are not a religious person, it will not be a problem to enjoy the attractions that Easter in Tenerife 2017, as every year, has. This is why we here, in StarExcursions, encourage you to come to the most important events that will be developed during this 8 days, in which many performances and proccesions will take place.

What do we celebrate in Easter?

This christian festivity celebrates the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Due to the importance of these passages of the Bible, these are crucial days for devoted people. As it has been said before, everything starts with Palm Sunday, which was the day when, according to the New Testament, Jesus arrived to Jerusalem, where he was cheered by the people which surrounded him.

easter in tenerife 2017

The most important days of Easter are the last ones. On Holy Thursday and Friday, the Death of Jesus Christ is commemorated. On Holy Saturday, the burial of Jesus is commemorated, and, on Holy Sunday, also known as Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated.

Easter in Tenerife 2017, town by town


In case you wanted to attend to Easter in Tenerife 2017, but you were not sure where to go and what to see, now it is time to point out the parts of the island where this festivity will be celebrated in a special way. The chosen places are La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Orotava and Adeje.


How will Easter in Tenerife 2017
be lived in La Laguna?


easter in tenerife 2017Easter in Tenerife 2017 has already started in the city of La Laguna. On the 30th of March, at 20:00, in the Holy Cathedral of La Laguna took place the opening address of Easter, which every year starts the festivity. The young priest Eduardo Rodríguez was the chosen one to give this speech.

Easter is lived in a special way in La Laguna, for it is the religious capital of the island. The city has a special presence of the religious thing, for it has many, varied religious expressions.

Easter in Tenerife 2017 will have in La Laguna its leader. Its streets will harbor typical processions, which have religious images and statues whose historic and artistic value is uncountable. They are transported by different brotherhoods of the city.

These ceremonies take place during 8 days; they begin on Passion Sunday and end on Holy Friday, with the Procession of the Holy Burial. During these days, a large number of brotherhoods will parade on the streets, so, if you plan to visit La Laguna then, you will see them for sure and experience the strength of Easter in Tenerife 2017.


In La Laguna, the artistic side of
Easter is especially developed


If your interest is purely an artistic one, you must not miss the chance of admiring these images, which are pieces of high artistic value. They have been created by canarian artists and also from people from the Mainland. Take a special look at the gold work that they carry, for it is certainly remarkable.

If you want to chose just a few of them, we recommend you two processions which are essential. The first one is The Magnate Procession, which will take place on Holy Friday at 17:00. It starts at the Holy Cathedral and covers the whole city. The second one will take place the same day but at 22:00. It is called The Silent Procession and it is formed by penitential brotherhoods. It starts at the same spot, but it finishes at Saint Dominic Church.

Take a look at the extense programming of Easter in La Laguna here.


How will Easter in Tenerife 2017 be
lived in Santa Cruz de Tenerife?


easter in tenerife 2017Although La Laguna is the religious capital of Tenerife, it is also true that Santa Cruz has a celebration which is as important as the other one.

The mayor of the city, José Manuel Bermudez, said that “Easter is, indeed, religion and art, as well as it is History and heritage”. So, Bermudez claims that Easter in Tenerife 2017 can be much more than a religious activity, and in StarExcursions we agree on that.

The programming itself defends this idea, too. Two research papers have been written in order to give Easter in Tenerife 2017 a purely artistic dimension. They have been integrated in the programme book, which you will be able to visit here.

Up to 40 religious acts will take place in different parts of Santa Cruz. It all will star the 5th of April, with another proclamation, which will be read by the nun Carmen Bonelli García. Easter in Santa Cruz will end the 16th of April. The most important days, as always, will be the last ones, when the most important acts will take place. You can watch the full programming here.

How will Easter in Tenerife 2017
be lived in La Orotava?


La Orotava is another town in which Easter is lived in a special way, because of its artistic and historic relevance. Because of this, it is hoped that Easter in Tenerife 2017 will have a strong touristic point of attraction there.

easter in tenerife 2017The most important characteristic of Easter in La Orotava is the fact that it is unique.

The common thing is that every parish church organizes its festivities and processions and, as a result, there are time conflicts between the different events.

This does not happen in La Orotava, for they have the Semana Mayor Villera. This might be one of the reasons to visit this town and have a special Easter in Tenerife 2017.

In the village there are more than 30 processions and 50 images, so there are many different events to watch. Because of that, in StarExcursions we want to recommend you the ones we think are the most relevant: the processions that will take place during Good Friday and during Palm Sunday (called “El Señor del Burrito”, “El Señor Predicador” and “El Cristo del Huerto”), and the one of Holy Monday (called “El Santísimo Cristo de la Cañita”). You can watch the full programming here.

easter in tenerife 2017

How will Easter in Tenerife 2017
be lived in Adeje?


Easter in Tenerife 2017 cannot be understood without the town of Adeje. This place from Southern Tenerife has celebrated this festivity in a very particular way for many years, up to the point that it has earned a very interesting reputation. There you will not find the best processions or the most spectacular images, but there is something which is unique: an extraordinary theatrical performance of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

easter in tenerife 2017

It is a spectacular recreation of the last part of the New Testament, in which the neighbors of Adeje, which are very proud of their celebration, play roles in this representation.

This event is so important, that it has been retransmitted via television, even internationally. If you decide to visit Adeje during Easter in Tenerife 2017, you will discover the different passages that form the Passion. You can also consult the full programming here.

Easter in Tenerife 2017 promises
to be incredible: will you join?

It has been our approach to Easter in Tenerife 2017, which is about to start. In fact, in many villages it has already started, although the most important days are yet to come.

Of course, this has been just a selection of places in which you can enjoy Easter in Tenerife 2017: there are many more! Every town has its own approach to this festivity, and every one is special in its own way. StarExcursions wants to invite you to live an Easter in Tenerife 2017 as pleasant as possible, and these are the main ideas que propose. Have a nice Easter in Tenerife 2017!


Featured image: Julián Iglesias (link to license)

The in text images have been kindly shared by the websites of the City Halls of La Laguna, Santa Cruz, La Orotava and Adeje.