Mueca Festival 2017: 4 days of art and culture
on the streets of El Puerto de la Cruz


Mueca Festival 2017 -International Street Art Festival- will begin next Thursday, the 11th of May, and will last until Sunday, the 14th of May. Did you know its existence? El Puerto de la Cruz is known worldwide for its touristic potential. As a result, many foreign people have started to live there the whole year. However, there are other things in this area of Tenerife, such as this street art festival. For a very short space of time, an explosion of art, culture and entertainment takes place, and its name is Mueca Festival 2017. This event is about to start, and in StarExcursions we would like to explain why you should not miss it.

mueca festival 2017It is not one of the most famous events of Tenerife, but it is true that Mueca Festival has been there for not less than 15 editions. During all those years, the festival has been developed following an unbreakable rule: to make theater and other artistic disciplines -mime, clown, circus, etc.- more accessible to people of all ages. Always on the street, always accessible to everybody and always free.

The main idea is to be on the streets, to life the street, to experiment the social interaction that takes place there. Many shows are developed simultaneously, so, while you take a walk on the amazing seafront that El Puerto de la Cruz has, you will be able to enjoy different performances. The important thing is to get close to a world that, although has always been a fundamental part of popular culture, it might have not been appreciated properly.

mueca festival 2017

Vindicating the cultural past
of El Puerto de la Cruz

At the same time, people of El Puerto de la Cruz do not want their city to be exclusively a touristic attraction, even though they are proud of it. The town wants to remark its cultural legacy, as the City Hall has expressed in its website:

“In its origins, El Puerto de la Cruz was a city in which tourism came as a cultural exchange. All of this would happen in a natural spot, surrounded by spectacular landscapes and with an extraordinary climate. Its History is a synthesis of the adventure of mankind. Any of these things has ever changed during all those years”.

On the other hand, Sandra Rodríguez, the councillor of Culture, expressed the following ideas during the presentation of the festival:

“Mueca Festival 2017 is the faithful reflection of what El Puerto de la Cruz in and wants to be in the cultural matter: illusion, joy, color and street art, with the complicity of our citizens and visitors”.


mueca festival 2017

Much more than street art


During all those years, El Puerto de la Cruz has become a city also known for its recreational-cultural side. But Mueca Festival is “much more than four days of street art”, as you can read in its website. This is completely true, because, thanks to this event, Tenerife appears among other international scenic arts festivals.

Apart from the inherent touristic attractiveness that Mueca has -in fact, the city collapses during this four days-, the event also promotes the visit of the town itself. As a result, both tourists and residents of differents parts of Tenerife are able to discover the cultural potential that El Puerto de la Cruz has.

Mueca Festival stays at the same level as many other cultural events that we have in Tenerife: Phe Project, Periplo Festival, Canarias Jazz & Más Music Festival, San Juan Festivities or CuatroLunas. We must add other events that takes place directly in the same place, El Puerto de la Cruz. For example, we have Puerto Street Art, which was created in 2014, inside Mueca Festival. It is defined as “an outdoors museum where prestigious artists invade the streets with their art pieces”.

mueca festival 2017

Mueca Festival is already an essential
part of El Puerto de la Cruz


These cultural initiatives belong to a political strategy called “Estrategia Cultural Puerto de la Cruz 2020”. It is a participative model in which the citizens of El Puerto decide what cultural policies will be developed in their municipality. Thus, Mueca Festival 2017 is an event created and defended by the neighbors of El Puerto de la Cruz, called “portuenses”. Illusion appears with the arrival of this new edition of the festival, one of the most important of this municipality.

All of this is possible thanks to the civic platform called “Cómplices Mueca”, which restarted the festival after having been suspended for two years. Because of that, in this new edition they want the event to exceed any expectation. In the wbsite of the event it is written that “the civic platform “Cómplices Mueca” is a representation of the involvement of citizens, corporations and enterprises. The idea is to create an innovative experience of both civic participation and shared culture management. The main goal is to promote everything that has to do with Mueca Festival”.

mueca festival 2017

What could you find in Mueca Festival 2017?


We still do not have many information regarding Mueca Festival 2017 yet, but we can use data from the last edition to understand the size of this event: during these 4 days, there were 15 different scenic spaces. In them, more than 50 art companies developed their ideas, and more than 260 artists took part in 118 performances. Every year, it seems to be more evident that Mueca Festival 2017 is an important event of its kind.

You want to come to Tenerife and discover Mueca Festival 2017, right? It is normal, because of the cultural and human exchange that offers. Being one of the most popular event of the island, Mueca Festival 2017 is prepared to experience a huge qualitative leap, which would make this event one of the most important of its kind. One thing is clear: few festivals offer culture and art directly on the streets, for every kind of public and totally free!

mueca festival 2017

All the photographs has been kindly shared by the press deparment of Mueca Festival.