Tenerife Wine: cellars, museums
and vineyards will surprise you!

But, i’ faith, you have drunk too much canaries; 
and that’s a marvellous searching wine,
and it perfumes the blood ere one can say ‘What’s this?’

Enrique IV(Second part, act II, scene IV), conversation between Mistress Quickly and Doll Tearsheet

Astonishing, isn’t it? Not only you just discovered that there is wine produced in Tenerife, but also artists such as William Shakespeare described it as a wonderful beverage in his own plays. In fact, this situation is constantly repeated in his writings, in which he called this wine “sack” or also “canary”. “El vino de malvasía” has always had an excellent reputation, but never achieved public recognition as great wine. This is the reason why in StarExcursions we have the firm intention of discovering his excellent characteristics to every person interested in this topic. To ensure this goal, we have created Tenerife Wine: an excursion in which you will be able to visit two wine cellars and a museum, in order to learn the secrets of this wonderful delicacy.

Tegueste, the epicenter of wine production

The trip begins in the south of the island. After an hour driving through the southern highway, we arrive to the northern village of Tegueste. This town is the center of wine production. We cross his beautiful countryside to access the first wine cellar:La bodega El Lomo”. There, one of the workers will explain to us every one of the details which make their wines extraordinary. We will visit both the interior and the exterior of the building. After having seen the wine production process, we will be able to observe the vineyards, where the grapes grow. But this visit is not only a matter of seing, but also of tasting! One of the incentives of this tour is the chance to taste a few of Bodega El Lomo’s wines. Of course, the beverage comes along with exquisite goat cheese.

tenerife wine island

The House of the Wine, where History and wine coexist

The next stop in this wine journey is placed in the close town of El Sauzal, where we will visit “La Casa del Vino” (“The House of the Wine”). It is and old house built in the 18th Century, which has been restored by the government exclusively to be used as a museum. In these facilities you will find a large amount of information regarding the world of canary wine. This travel through Wine History is also accompanied with some wine tasting, different from the previous one, so you will be able to discover new savors.

Bodegas Monje: wine and food fusion

The third and last stop is placed only a few minutes away. We are talking about “Bodegas Monje”, one of the most traditional and antique wine producers of Tenerife. This enthusiastic company will offer you an innovative combination of art and wine, in which wine tasting is, of course, not excluded. But this is not the end of the tour: among their services, you will have the chance of having and extraordinary dinner at their restaurant. You will eat home-cooked meal while watching a wonderful landscape. If you are an enthusiast of this special beverage and are willing to discover unique savors, Tenerife Wine is the excursion you are looking for.

tenerife wine island


Meeting point
The excursion starts in the South of Tenerife.
The excursion is between 5 and 6 hours long.
It includes
Transport and guide’s explanations in the chosen language.
It does not include
Wine and food.

For any kind of question, do not hesitate to contact us!